What a night! St Michael's Dance Night left us all in awe, as our talented Year 7 to 12 Dance students took the stage and set it on fire! 
The dedication and hard work put in by these young performers throughout the year were on full display, and it was a night filled with applause, excitement, and jaw-dropping moves!

From Contemporary to Jazz, Hip Hop to Ballroom, and Ballet – every style was showcased, and our students wowed the audience with their award-winning routines. Their hard work and determination shone through every step, and the magic they created on stage was simply unforgettable.

Special thanks to our Visual Arts students for creating the stage artwork, setting the perfect backdrop for the evening's magic, as well as Issi Hamiton and Jessica Turnbull,who sang beautifully on the night. 

This evening was a true team effort, and we are so proud of all our students. Thank you for an unforgettable evening.
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