Pastoral Care

​​​At St Michael's College, the foundations of our Mission Statement and the 6 pillars of the Christ centred Charism of St Michael: Protection – Respect – Integrity – Dedication - Justice – Courage, underpin our Pastoral Care framework.

As a community that fosters care, faith and learning, we are at all times focused on the needs of all members of the College community and we seek to nurture and develop the potential of all students.

It is an expectation that the College and families work in partnership in supporting the intents of our Behaviour Support and Pastoral Care framework and hence, the following points are integral to our framework:

  • The St Michael's College Behaviour Support Framework when action employs the principles of restorative justice and the fostering of right relationships.
  • There is an acceptance within our school community of the fact that young people will make mistakes or decisions from time to time which are in breach of College expectations.
  • We instil in our students an acceptance that people and right relationships can be harmed or adversely affected by their actions or decisions.
  • We insist that our students accept that there will be consequences in the event of their harming relationships.
  • The delivery of any behaviour support consequence will be fair and equitable, issues with a view to procedural fairness and in accordance with the Brisbane Catholic Education Office Behaviour Support Guidelines.
  • Each student will be involved in the restorative phase in taking ownership of their actions and their impact on 'the other person'. This phase of restoration requires all parties to engage in a structured process of reconciliation.
  • At all times, students will be provided with the opportunity to explore a wide range of self management strategies to restore relationships and move forward having gained learning for their negative actions.RJW_0987.JPG
​​ All students enrolled at St Michael's College are allocated to one of the four Houses. Our four Houses are:



Dr Owen Oxenham was Parish Priest for Surfers Paradise from May 1983 to July 1986. He was responsible for the relocation of the St Vincent's complex in Surfers to the Sacred Heart complete in Clear Island Waters. Father was a great support in the initial stages of St Michael's College in early 1984, and was strongly behind the College and College Administration in the first two years of the life of the school. He died on the 26th of November 1991.

Oxenham's house colour is blue.

St Mary of the Cross MacKillop is an Australian who founded the Sisters of St Joseph (Josephites) in South Australia in 1866, and brought the Order to Queensland four years later. She founded schools, an orphanage, a shelter for single women and homes for the aged. The Josephite Sisters have been very active in education over the past century and continue to teach in schools today particularly in regional areas. Mary MacKillop is the first Australian Saint canonised on October 17th 2010.

MacKillop's house colour is red.

Father Bernard ​O'Shea was the Director of Catholic Education for 34 years in the Brisbane Archdiocese. He saw the amazing change from Catholic Education run by Priests, Brothers and Sisters to new Colleges such as St Michael's staffed and administered entirely by lay people. He also saw the change from single sex schools to co-educational schools. Father O'Shea was instrumental in the preparation and Planning of St Michael's in the early 1980's.

O'Shea's house colour is yellow.

Father Neal Shannon was the Parish Priest of Surfers Paradise from 1946 for 32 years. He was a holy man who vigorously upheld the virtues and practices of the true Catholic faith. He is highly regarded by the people of the Coast. He died in November 1978.

Shannon's house colour is green.

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