School Counselling

​​​​The School Counsellors provide a service of support to students, staff and parents of the school community. 

The essential support services the Counsellors provide involve:

  • counselling students & families, parents in crisis.
  • counselling students on request with a view to resolving their personal concerns.
  • preparing and counselling students to negotiate life changes especially at points of transition.
  • assisting students with special needs, in collaboration with other specialist personnel and providing support for those students with different cultural backgrounds.​

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​The School Counsellors provides community support by:

  • counselling students referred by staff.
  • consulting with teachers to assist students whose classroom behaviour is impeding their own or other students academic progress.
  • providing consultancy and support to parents and members of the school staff.
  • collaborating with administrative and other staff to develop programs that further the personal growth and development of students and the school community.

Jeff Kemp

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Dr. Jeff Kemp is an experienced educator with over 40 years experience as a specialist primary and secondary teacher and guidance counsellor. Jeff’s work with troubled youth was recognized through the award of a Churchill Fellowship which enabled Jeff to undertake international research in the USA, UK and Canada on re-engaging disengaging youth. Jeff is the author of the book Be A Parent Not a Pal. Jeff has also developed a suite of smart phone apps designed to help Teenagers and their parents navigate their journey through the Teenage years.​ In 2021, Dr. Jeff Kemp was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his service to youth through counselling and sporting programs. His ongoing contribution and commitment to our community is outstanding and we are so proud he was recognised to receive this honorary award.

Joshua Laidler

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Joshua Laidler is an experienced counsellor and teacher having worked in Catholic education for over a decade. He has completed graduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of Psychology, Counselling and Education. Josh has a passion for working with disengaged and disenfranchised youth and works with all ages and presentations across a high school setting. He is the current President of the Association of Counsellors of Catholic Secondary Schools Queensland (ACCSSQ) and in 2022 was nominated for the BCE Excellence award in Safety and Wellbeing.​

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