​St Michael's College is fortunate to have a wide range of high-quality facilities available on campus for both curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

 ​Sport Facilities

The College boasts a Rugby League field, two Football fields as well as 2 basketball courts, and a fully equipped gymnasium. The facilities are used during Physical Education lessons and on Thursday afternoon for Interschool sport (AGCC Competition). 

Students have the opportunity to join in a range of sporting teams who participate in local and state-wide competitions. Dedicated teachers run training sessions utilising these facilities before and after school preparing students for these events.​




Digital  & Design Technologies


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​​Creative and Performing Arts

The Creative and Performing Arts amenities at St. Michael’s allow for creating work at an industry level. As our Creative and Performing Arts continues to expand at St. Michael’s, it is fundamental that our facilities and spaces match this progression. Our Dance Studio is on a raised stage, complete with sprung floors and mirrors to help with students improve performance quality. We have a large Drama space, which boasts its own lighting system and lighting and sound room to help development in the technical areas of production development. Nestled into this block is our newly renovated Music Room that has a cultured jazz club feel. With three soundproof spaces for rehearsal, all instruments can be managed and catered for to suit the individual needs of all of our learners. St Michael’s has two fully equipped Visual Art rooms, with many resources to aid all the different types of creative minds that Visual and Creative Arts foster. ​

The St​ Michael’s community is dedicated to accommodating our creative thinkers and performing artists with culturally rich and engaging spaces, to promote meaningful work.engaging spaces, to promote meaningful work.  ​1880742.jpg1880873.jpg


​The C​hapel

Situated on the highest point on the grounds with magnificent views to the high rises of Surfers Paradise is the College Chapel. Being set away from the hustle and bustle of everyday school activities, the chapel preserves a sense of peace and tranquillity.  


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