Principal's Welcome



I feel blessed to be honoured with the gift of leading such an awesome Secondary College.  St Michael's is a College dedicated to excellence in all we do.  Excellence in Learning and Teaching; Excellence in Partnerships and Relationship; Excellence in Cultural pursuits; Excellence in Sporting endeavours.

At St Michael's we have high expectations of our students as they participate in a broad range of subjects and programs designed to cater to the diverse needs and unique pathways of our learners.  Our professional and dedicated staff are committed to supporting students to become life-long learners and contributors to society. 

As a College community we focus every day on our continuous improvement journey, ensuring that each member of our family has the opportunity and support to live fully into their unique gifts and talents.

At St Michael's the dignity and giftedness of each individual is held as a core value.  We proudly proclaim that, guided by the Holy Spirit, under the protection of St Michael, we see each student individually, we hear each student individually and we respond to the learning and pastoral needs of each student individually.  This is achieved in an environment of belonging, excellence and love.

I encourage you to explore our College website and I extend a personal invitation to you to visit us on the hill at Merrimac for a Principal's tour.

Anthony Elmore​


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