Religious Life of the College


​St Michael's College was one of few Archdiocesan schools to be established with a totally lay staff.  Historically, Religious Orders of priests, nuns or brothers established most schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese up to that time.  Religious Orders brought with them a charism, that underpinned the life of a school or other organisation, particularly, the Religious Life of a School.   Religious Order schools were also typically single gender schools.  The decision was made to use the name of an angel (who have no gender) to better encompass students of both genders and St Michael, the Archangel was chosen.

To develop the ongoing charism of the school, a College prayer and song was written, focusing on the guiding principles of the College.  These guiding principles are inspired by our college patron, St Michael.  As patron, Michael the Archangel encourages us in strength, faithfulness, servanthood and justice.


Guiding Principles

​Courage:           Stand up for what is right 

Integrity:           Be a person of good character and reputation

Protection:       Provide a safe environment for all

Justice:              Be fair to all

Respect:            Appreciate dignity of all

Dedication:      Commit to Faith, Self, Community


Prayer and worship is integral to the life of all Catholic schools and nourishes the spiritual growth of all members of the school community by nurturing our relationship in faith with God, ourselves and with one another.  Students at St Michael's College experience a variety of prayers in the Catholic faith and broader Christian tradition.

St Michael's College creates a 'Sense of the Sacred' by:

  • Providing opportunities to gather as a community in prayer and worship
  • Encouraging the community to participate in prayer experiences
  • Endeavouring to foster a sense of pride in the school environment, to respond to our call to stewardship and to develop a social environment in which all members of the community are valued.​

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Our College Prayer

​​​I​nspired by St Michael, patron saint of our College,
we ask you our loving God, through your son Jesus,
to send your Holy Spirit to guide all members of the St Michael’s College community, 
as we journey in learning and friendship. 
Help us to be people of courage; to stand up for what is right;
Grant us the gift of integrity; to be persons of good character and reputation.
Fill us with respect; so that in our community we appreciate the dignity of all.
Teach us to be people of justice; to be fair to all.
Inspire us to be people of dedication; to commit to faith, self and community.
Empower us to be protectors; providing a safe environment for all. 
St Michael, God’s example of Courage and Integrity, (all) pray for us.
St Michael, Respectful defender of Justice, (all) pray for us.
St Michael, Dedicated Protector of God’s people, (all) pray for all.
St Michael, (all) pray for us. ​​

Social Justice and Action

At St Michael's College students engage with the community to connect and make a difference.  Students are actively involved in the Religious Life of the School, Social Justice and Action strand building the dispositions of empathy and solidarity through programs for service- learning, social justice and outreach experiences.  Students at St Michael's support different charities throughout the year to raise awareness and funds.  Some of these organisations include:  Caritas-Project Compassion, Rosies, Orange Sky Laundry and St Vincent De Paul Christmas and winter appeals.  Students also join with the local parish to participate in Eucharistic celebrations and connect with the community and our Parish priests.  We encourage our students to link our actions to our school motto “Scientia et Caritas" meaning knowledge and love, showing love for all.​

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