Academic Support

We offer a range of academic support opportunities to assist students succeed in their subjects. Not all students are able to keep up to the work covered in their classes, as they may have been absent due to illness, excursions or other extenuating circumstances. It is the student’s obligation to ensure they catch up on the work missed and some of the facilities listed below will assist them in being self directed responsible learners. ​


Teacher led tutorials are available to all students to gain assistance with homework and revision of concepts covered in class. There are regular tutorials provided in Mathematics and are conducted during most lunch break times. Other subject areas offer tutorials at peak assessment times and these are advertised in the daily notices delivered during Pastoral at the beginning of the day.


Chill Zone

This facility is available to Year 7-9 students at lunch breaks three days per week. The Junior Secondary Curriculum Leader supervises the activities in this room. Senior students are rostered to assist during session times. This room is made available for students who need assistance with organisation and who need to catch up on their work or just want someone to talk to about concerns they may be experiencing in class. Help is provided for homework and assignments.