Technology in the Classroom

​​Our 1:1 Program provides opportunities for all students to engage with the most up-to-date technologies. Students are provided with the latest hardware and software to develop knowledge and understanding to meet the demands and challenges of a changing world.

The introduction of touch screen laptops has allowed students to develop useful skills and enables them to engage with the curriculum in new and exciting ways. Students are using Office 365 tools, specifically OneNote to access course content, make handwritten notes, annotate, sketch and work collaboratively. Teachers also have 24/7 access to student notebook and can provide high quality feedback in a timely manner.


Brisbane Catholic Education makes available to all students an Office 365 account. This give students 5 licences to install the entire Microsoft Suite, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote etc, on 5 other devices including the family PC. Other resources include our College Moodle (Learning Management System – and Microsoft OneDrive where students save and backup all their work.

All students undertake a IT Boot Camp at the beginning of Year 7. Here we cover how to use the technology effectively and also how to use technology ethically, teaching students about digital citizenship and being safe online. All students are inducted on how to be competent and confident users of technology.