Middle Years Curriculum

​​​​​​The College implements the Australian Curriculum and Brisbane Catholic Education Religious Education Curriculum which provide a scaffold of Exploration in Year 7, Capacity Building in Years 8 & 9 and Transitioning in Year 10. 

All students study the Core subjects of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Health and Physical Education.

In Year 7 & 8​, all students will study all electives. From Year 8, students have the opportunity to explore these options in varying degrees of depth as they progress through to Year 10.


Our focus in the middle years of learning is on student literacy and numeracy, ensuring the necessary foundations that all learners need for success. The curriculum is robust and vibrant, personalised to the needs of our learners by streaming class groups according to individual capacity.

In providing a scaffold, knowledge and skill connections are created and strengthened throughout a student's Middle School learning journey and make subject selection choices based on their areas of interest and in preparation for future studies.

​As a result, young adolescents at St Michael's are thoroughly prepared to enter the senior phase of schooling as active, confident and numerate learners with a strong sense of community and an enthusiasm for learning. ​