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College Vision for Learning and Teaching

At St Michael's College, we aspire to develop each individual's potential to become a self-directed and responsible learner of the twenty-first century. Through encouragement to strive for excellence and provision of contemporary programs, we promote lifelong learning that nurtures the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of all.

As Catholic educators we have a tradition and vision based on Christian values and beliefs. These values and beliefs are foundational to our action and engagement in learning and teaching with our students, parents and colleagues. We believe that learning and teaching is inextricably linked with living life to the full as a community of faith, learning and care.

Through our vision we believe quality learning is about educating learners:

  • to become motivated, creative and confident, active and informed learners empowered by the Spirit through service to others to shape and enrich our world
  • who are created in the image and likeness of God where the whole person is developed spiritually, socially, emotionally, morally, and cognitively
  • explicitly within a Catholic view of the curriculum to be literate, numerate, critical and creative, ethical, socially and personally capable, interculturally and ICT capable.
  • who are diverse and therefore learners are offered multiple pathways to achieve their potential by enabling them to access the curriculum.

Through our vision we believe quality teaching is:

  • a ministry in which teachers work with students through right/meaningful/spiritual and interpersonal relationships to maximise learning and achievement
  • intentionally develop curriculum on the foundation of a Catholic theology and philosophy of curriculum thereby creating conditions for the outcomes of learning to contribute to justice
  • offering learning experiences to develop depp and relevant knowledge and skills in our students within the context of the required curriculum
  • building equity and excellence for all and fosters students' own commitment to learning and achievement
  • working collaboratively with parents/care givers, students and colleagues to enhance the whole person.