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The Catholic school, as part of the faith community, influences the development of its people and responds to that community's goals and values. To assist the school to do so, a committed and competent team drawn from and accountable to the faith community is involved in providing planning and policy direction for the school.

Boards in education imply shared responsibility or participatory decision making. Our Catholic board model, which has no mirror image in the secular society, is a response to the Vatican II directive that Church governance involve the governed. Boards established for diocesan and parish schools in the Archdiocese are therefore pastoral, developmental, active and effective. To ensure this, the pastoral board, outlined in the Constitution approved and recommended by the bishops of Queensland, is the model adopted.

The College Board 2017

Board President: Bryan Oram (Parent)

Board Members:

  • Emma Cashman (Parent)
  • Katheryn Jones (Parent)
  • Rosie Newman-Pace (Parent)
  • Michael Nayler (Principal)
  • Veronica Wasiak (Deputy Principal)
  • Margaret Petherbridge (APRE)
  • Lisa Smith (Staff representative)
  • Fr Peter Dillon (Parish Priest)