College Prayer

Inspired by St Michael, patron saint of our College,
we ask you our loving God, through your son Jesus,
to send your Holy Spirit to guide all members of the St Michael’s College community,
as we journey in learning and friendship.
Help us to be people of courage; to stand up for what is right;
Grant us the gift of integrity; to be persons of good character and reputation.
Fill us with respect; so that in our community we appreciate the dignity of all.
Teach us to be people of justice; to be fair to all.
Inspire us to be people of dedication; to commit to faith, self and community.
Empower us to be protectors; providing a safe environment for all.
St Michael, God’s example of Courage and Integrity, (all) pray for us.
St Michael, Respectful defender of Justice, (all) pray for us.
St Michael, Dedicated Protector of God’s people, (all) pray for all.
St Michael, (all) pray for us. ​