Our Charism of St Michael

​St Michael's was one of few archdiocesan schools of that time to be established with a totally lay staff. Historically, Religious Orders of priests, nuns or brothers established most schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese up to that time. Religious Orders brought with them a charism, that underpinned the life of a school or other organisation, particularly, the Religious Life of a School. Religious Order schools were also typically single gender schools. The decision was made to use the name of an angel (who have gender) to better encompass students of both genders and St Michael, the Archangel was chosen.

In 2010, a charism committee was formed to discern and embed our charism of St Michael, which reflects the school's special gifts, particular spirit and focused identity. The College used a process for discerning our charism based on a paper entitled “What's a charism and where does my school get one?" delivered by Professor Timothy J Cook Crieghton University, Omaha Nebraska, USA at the 2010 Australia Catholic University Conference in Sydney.

During 2010, the committee met regularly, consulted with the school community and identified that the Charism of St Michael's College should be built around St Michael, patron saint of the College. Six pillars, Respect, Integrity, Protection, Dedication, Justice and Courage provide the framework for our charism of St Michael.



The six Pillars of the Charism of St Michael's are:



Providing a safe environment for all

Therefore we aim to:

  • Building healthy relationships and friendships
  • Include everyone
  • Care for one another and our environment
  • Defend and support the weak, the strong , the marginalised and those in need.


Appreciate the dignity of all

Therefore we aim to:

  • Recognise the worth and uniqueness of each individual
  • Speak and listen to one another with courtesy and politeness
  • Hold deep respect for intellectual values
  • Honour and uphold the code of behaviour of St Michael's College


Commit to faith, self and community

Therefore we aim to:

  • Grow in our knowledge of Jesus
  • Acknowledge our own giftedness and limitations
  • Work hard to achieve academic/sporting/vocational/cultural excellence
  • Serve each other and the community.


Stand up for what is right

Therefore we aim to:

  • Face the world with faith not fear
  • Stand strong against what is wrong
  • Challenge ourselves to be better people
  • Persevere when faced with difficulty.


Be a person of good character and reputation

Therefore we aim to:

  • Be honest in all our interactions
  • Be trustworthy, reliable and dependable
  • Be life giving in our thoughts, words and actions
  • Be a champion of God like St Michael.


Be fair to all

Therefore we aim to:

  • Speak out about injustice
  • Prevent harm
  • Restore right relationships
  • Uphold the principles of social justice.​