Inclusive Education

St Michael’s College is a full inclusion school. This means we provide supportive and engaging practices for all students. We value, celebrate and respond to diversity and this is underpinned by respectful relationships between learners and the broader school community. Inclusive education is also supported by collaborative relationships with parents and communities through communication, learning partnerships, participation and consultative decision-making. Inclusive education means all students learn and achieve at their own level in a safe, supportive, respectful and disciplined learning environment.


Learning Support
The Learning Support staff work collaboratively with classroom teachers and academic coordinators to design and implement adjustments to the curriculum to meet individual learning needs. We work with students across all year levels and subject areas. This may be in the form of in-class support, small group or one-on-one assistance, and individualised curriculum adjustments for students in need. We also work in collaborative partnership with teachers, parents, consultants, and other professionals to support and promote lifelong learning for our students.
Gifted and Talented
Our college community has a responsibility to support the education for students who are gifted and talented. Whole school data-informed planning includes the development of school-based processes and strategies that benefit students who are gifted and talented.
St Michael’s offers a number of enrichment opportunities. Inquiry Based Learning and the Three Story Intellect underpins all teaching and learning within the College and allows for a broad scope of higher-order, challenging but flexible learning experiences.
St Michael’s also offers an Academic Excellence Camp in Year 10. This is a program to recognize and reward our highest achievers across years 9 and 10. Students selected participate in a weeklong, all expenses paid trip to various exciting places such as Uluru, Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students
St Michael’s College supports the national initiatives to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through our vision to teach, challenge and transform. We seek to connect and engage those students in learning, cultural, sporting and community related activities. Students who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander​ have access to tutorial assistance, cultural exchange programs and community partnerships to support and promote successful outcomes. We also have employed an Indigenous Support Worker and Teacher Aide to work with all students, but especially our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
Speech Pathology Services
St Michael's College has a Speech Pathologist who is available to assist students with Speech and Language Impairments each week. We also have access to a range of additional services from Brisbane Catholic Education's Student Support Team.
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Students with English as a Second Language (ESL) may receive assistance to support their cognitive and academic development through the acquisition of English language knowledge and skills. Specialist teachers may ​​