Arts and Culture

​The Creative and Performing Arts amenities at St Michael’s allow for creating work at an industry level. As our Creative and Performing Arts continues to expand at St Michael’s, it is fundamental that our facilities and spaces match this progression. Our Dance Studio is on a raised stage, complete with sprung floors and mirrors to help students improve performance quality. We have a large Drama space which boasts its own lighting system and lighting and sound room to help in the technical areas of production development. Nestled into this block is our newly renovated Music Room that has a cultured jazz club feel. With three soundproof spaces for rehearsal, all instruments can be managed and catered for to suit the individual needs of all of our learners. St Michael’s has two fully equipped Visual Art rooms, with many resources to aid all the different types of creative minds that Visual and Creative Arts foster. The St Michael’s community is dedicated to accommodating our creative thinkers and performing artists with culturally rich and engaging spaces, to promote meaningful work.​


St Michael’s offer two Dance Productions for the year; “Expressions Evening” and “the Lights up Festival.” These two forms allow opportunities for all art forms to be explored. Both evenings have a gallery walk for Visual and Media Art, accompanied by performances from the music department. “Expressions Evening” is a Dance production that is developed for students, by students and is a celebration of the dance talent at St Michael’s. “The Lights up Festival” is our Drama production evening that hosts a junior production and senior production. This fosters development for both our junior and senior actors and gives them all equal opportunity to have a meaningful role within a modern and challenging performance.



Eisteddfods are a way for students to experience an industry level competition in their chosen aspect of the creative and performing arts. Currently St Michael’s takes both the junior and senior production to competitions in the Gold Coast Region, and there are opportunities to go beyond. Eisteddfods allow students to promote their work and learn from other schools and create new professional relationships outside of St Michael’s. Within the Creative and Performing Arts, networking is a fundamental component to a young performers success. ​


Dance Troupe

Dance Troupe at St Michael’s is a large extra curricular venture, with a large amount of students auditioning each year. St Michael’s has a new fully-fledged Dance academic program that is complimented by students participating in Dance Troupe. Dance Troupe happens during lunchtimes, so students are not required outside of school hours, however it is a commitment that must be upheld by students. Dance Troupe allows students to work with their peers as well as students from other year levels and is a great way to form new friendships. Our troupes perform at St Michael’s events, National and International conferences and eisteddfods throughout the year. The St Michael’s Dance Troupes are a great way to improve and challenge students dance abilities and form new relationships.