Our Toolkit

Inquiry Based Learning

We develop units of study with inquiry-based learning pedagogy where our students discover how to learn through the use of BIG questions and the TELSTAR model of inquiry, therefore engaging students in the learning process. The TELSTAR model allows the teacher and students to use simple language and an acronym to represent the phases of inquiry.



Our Thinking Framework

We pursue intellectual rigour with a focus on higher order thinking and questioning (three-storey intellect thinking based on Bellanca and Fogarty, 1991) leading students to be creative, critical and self-directed learners.

The success of the initiative is due to the whole-school approach to teaching thinking skills. This means thinking becomes central and explicit and all teachers and students develop a common thinking language and toolbox. ​

The visual thinking framework provides a platform that will help our learners generate better ideas and allow them to solve problems far more easily.